Chinese Girl With Shaved Pussy

You may remember I posted a gallery of this babe, Ren Lee, back in April. I really dig her and thought I’d make a new one today with some pics of her from Shave Asian. She’s got a great fashion sense, an interesting one and shows some character in the outfits she wears for her nude Asian picture shoots. Ren is, I believe, from Hong Kong thus making her a Chinese girl with shaved pussy, on account of the fact she has a bald Asian beaver between her legs. For more Chinese girls with shaved pussy check out Shave Asia, one of the largest collections online of Asian girls with shaved pussies.

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Shaved Chinese Pussy

This babes name is Berry Cheung and these pics come from a website that specializes in shaved Chinese pussy. I think most of the models are from Hong Kong and aside from being hot and Asian the requirement to model for them is they have to be willing to shave their pussy. Berry has done a fine job here and sports a very nice shaved Chinese pussy in these pictures. The favourite for me is of course the thumbnail pic with the flower stuck in her bent over pussy. Not a lot of girls can get away with the claim ‘my pussy smells like flowers’ but I bet she can, here at least.
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Shaved Oriental Pussy

Sheri is a hot Chinese babe with a shaved Oriental pussy. If she had the normal Asian pussy you wouldn’t be able to see her big sexy clit through all the dark pussy hair Chinese girls usually sport. Thank Shave Asian for bringing you this Chinese babe and other sexy Hong Kong girls like her. Her clit looks terrific with that huge carrot like dildo shoved in her shaved Oriental pussy.

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Japanese Pussy Shaved

This Japanese girl has a great looking and freshly shaved pussy. Its bald and a little dark and looks terrific in that ass shot of her flipping up her dress. I cropped it close up so you can see her vagina and shaved Japanese ass in all it’s glory. I could almost eat that ass it looks so good here! Tonnes more shaved Japanese pussies inside GQueen where all models are photographed and video taped with either shaved pussies already or in the middle of having their Japanese pussy shaved.
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Tight Asian Pussy

Tessa Sun has a huge tattoo on her Chinese titty. Crazy lady, must be in a gang or something. Or maybe she’s an assassin and her looking so good is how she gets so close to her targets. Or maybe I just been watching too many Hong Kong action movies. I do know for certain she has one tight Asian pussy, at least it looks that way from the outside based on it’s size, which is small. You never know for sure until you get inside one and hers is one tight Asian pussy I would love to get inside of.

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